“The team’s the thing”, so said Shakespeare (almost).


When we sat down together over Zoom at the start of the year to reflect on 2020 and look onwards into 2021, one of the big themes that came out was ‘resilience’. We, along with the rest of the world, were hit with curve ball after curveball last year. But we were resilient. We stuck together as a team, and we moved forward as a team. That’s what makes Metis Ireland great – the people behind the name.


We’d like to introduce you to Mary Carney. As one of our financial planners it’s Mary’s job to work with clients to discuss their goals and their vision of the future, and understand the realities of their circumstances. You may remember her from A Day In The Life Of A Financial Planner this time last year, but let’s take a moment to get to know the Mary behind the Financial Planner.


Take it away, Mary.


Good morning Mary! To start us off, can you describe the work you do in just three words?

I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear you specify ‘three words’ because that’s too difficult! My answer is: I take what the clients tell us and build a clear strategy to achieve their goals and maximise their financial potential.


Fair enough, we appreciate a woman who knows what she wants! What’s been your proudest moment at Metis Ireland.


I don’t know if I have one standout moment, but right from day one I have always been very proud to be part of the Metis Ireland team. The atmosphere among the team is infectious, and everybody is so willing to help and share their knowledge.


Couldn’t agree more, Mary. Do you have a quote, phrase, or piece of wisdom that goes through life with you?


Yes, I do – “If it is for you, it won’t go by you”. There’s little point chasing after things that aren’t the right fit for your life.


That’s a very shrewd piece of wisdom, and one that many people would benefit from keeping in their minds. What’s in your Metis LifePlan?


Two things. The first is for me, which is protecting my future. The second is for my son Oisín, building a nest egg for him for when he’s grown up.


Oisín is a lucky boy, that’s for sure. Let’s step outside of work for a moment. Where is the most interesting place you’ve been to?


It’s a close call, but I would have to say the 9/11 museum in New York. To be reminded of the first historical event I remember living through was both a fascinating and harrowing experience.


For sure, that must have been a very poignant visit. We’re coming to the end now, and we’ve got to know who your hero is.


Serena Williams definitely stands out for me.


Why Serena?


She’s just amazing. She’s consistently broken down barriers for equality for women and minorities in sport. I admire her business acumen, charisma and entrepreneurship skills.


She is a powerhouse, there’s no denying that. And as you say, what a mark she’s made on the presence and visibility of women in sport. Just fantastic. That’s something we spoke to Róisín Upton about in our coffee morning recently, and we’ll be writing about it soon off the back of that too. Very important topic.


Okay Mary, this is the last question. If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?


A very simple piece of advice: If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.


Simple is often best. Mary, thank you for your time.



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