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If you were to put everything you’ve learned in your life and career so far into a single document, what would it look like? A novel? A screenplay? Some sort of complicated instruction manual?
It’s hard to picture the sum total of your experience and knowledge in something you can read with your tea and biscuits, but for Metis Ireland, that document is the Metis LifePlan.


If there’s something you can hold up in one hand that embodies our ethos of honest, experienced financial planning, then this is it.

The one true path

Of course, no two LifePlans are the same – each one is carefully curated and shaped for the individual it belongs to, but in every case, it’s a living, breathing blueprint for the life you want to achieve.


Your LifePlan is the culmination of the six key steps we take to get to know each other, understand the nuts and bolts of your situation and share in your ambitions. It takes all the winding alleys of your financial life as it stands and replaces them with one clear roadmap for the future.


But we don’t just hand you a copy and wish you well.

Taking your first step

Your Metis LifePlan really represents the beginning of a much longer journey that we’ll take together. As you’ll see, our investment philosophy has many strands, but they all lead us back to the most important point of all – sticking with the plan.


This plan, your Metis LifePlan, is based on everything you’ve told us about where you are now and where you want to be. It’ll evolve over time – your own circumstances, what happens in the markets, small changes and bigger ones, they all mean that over the years your Metis LifePlan will adapt from time to time.


But it’ll always be the one reliable route to the future you want.

Journey Through Life

What does it mean to live a good life? And how will you get there?

Our investment philosophy

We’re no Socrates, but we know what we’re about
when it comes to investment philosophy.

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