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At Metis Ireland, we don’t really have a type.


We can fully appreciate the inner beauty of your dream, whatever it is – even if it’s not how we’d spend our own money. In fact, the only thing we’ll ever be judgemental about is how closely you stick with the plan.


See, whatever you feel the future should look like, we want to sit down and picture it with you. We’ll understand your vision and we’ll translate it into a unique roadmap that we can follow together, to make sure you get there.

We're all similar, but different

Over the years, some of our clients will find themselves in broadly similar positions. Their dreams will all look very different of course, but we’ll often see familiar sets of financial and life circumstances that lead people to start thinking seriously about the future.


None of these people are you. There’s only one you, but it’s helpful to read about the kinds of people we work with, the challenges they face and what we can help them achieve.


In the end, you’re a one-off and your Metis LifePlan will be a one-off too. It’s your name on the front and it’s your unique strategy inside.

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