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Warren Buffett famously said “price is what you pay, value is what you get”, and he’s absolutely right. Still, at some point you’ll quite rightly want a straight answer about where your money goes.


At Metis Ireland we offer three levels of service – they’re designed to fit with where you are in life, what you’re looking to achieve, how closely you’d like to work with us, and how often.

How our time stacks up

  • Listening to you and understanding your goals – 20%


  • Building your unique Metis LifePlan based on what we learn – 20%


  • Being there for as long as you need us, to help you stick with the plan, allay fears and remind you that you’re playing the long game – 60%


  • Predicting, prognosticating, guessing or otherwise divining how markets will move and what the ‘next big thing will be’ – 0%


  • Checking that you’re paying attention – 1%

Metis LifePlan Fees

We know you want to be clear on how much you will pay for financial advice. At Metis Ireland we pride ourselves on being transparent and striving to provide value-for-money.


At the initial Metis Ireland discovery meeting, we discuss your objectives and requirements. This service is offered on a complimentary basis. At this meeting however, we will advise you of our fee structure and fees specific to you, which we then confirm in writing. As everyone is different, these can vary.


To give you an example of our fee structure, a full Financial Planning service could look like this but will be based on your individual needs:


  • Initial meeting, with our compliments


  • Financial planning recommendations, normally a pre-arranged fixed fee based on your personal requirements ranging from, for example, €500 to €3,000 plus VAT.


  • An implementation fee of between 0 – 4% dependent on the size of your portfolio.


  • Annual service fee of 0.5% – 1% based on the value of your assets under our control.


    Please be aware that Metis Ireland is remunerated by commission from product providers. If we receive commission from a product provider this may be offset against our fee. 

  • Metis LifePlan Fees Table

    Metis LifePlan Fees Table

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