I’m Mary, and this is what it’s like to be a financial planner at Metis Ireland.


Why I chose this role

I chose the role of a financial planner because it is multi-dimensional with a wide variety of characteristics required to achieve success. There are very few occupations where communication, people, technical and financial skills are required to be successful; I love that I found a job that needs them all. No two days are the same!


Metis Ireland really values each individual’s skills and what we bring to the team, encouraging us all to grow in our roles and with the company.


A key component of my role is efficient planning and organisation. I arrive to the office early each day to get organised and plan my daily schedule. A typical day can include any of the following, though it is not uncommon for these to change throughout the day depending on business needs:


Designing & Compiling reports:

At Metis Ireland the client always comes first and is at the centre of everything we do. This means that really getting to know the client, their dreams, and aspirations is paramount. My first task when designing financial cash flows and compiling reports is to work with the Private Client Managers (PCM) to understand the client’s current situation. Then, I develop a strategy to achieve their goals. We aim to achieve the client’s goals through cash management, insurance coverage, investment planning or estate planning. Another one of my main tasks is to update clients long-term financial plan annually to ensure clients are sticking to the plan and are on track in terms of their finances and lifestyle goals.

Working alongside our Private Client Managers (PCM):

We work together as a team to provide world class service to our clients. Working with our PCMs can mean attending new and existing client meetings, presenting a client’s Metis LifePlan, and debriefing after meetings to clarify clients’ information collected.

Working alongside the Client Service Team:

We ensure compliance of clients’ files and work to deliver and process all required paperwork in a timely manner.


Having attained a number of qualifications, there is an annual requirement for continuous professional development. This helps to ensure that my skills and knowledge are up to date, so I can become more efficient and innovative in tackling new challenges. Metis Ireland also encourage further study and supports this by providing time off to attend classes and paying fees.

Project Teamwork:

At Metis Ireland we always strive to be innovative, inspirational and world class. We understand that we constantly need to be evolving whether it be efficiencies or new legislation. The senior leadership team works with different teams to implement innovations to improve the business. This encourages people in different teams to work together to think creatively; share ideas and innovations and improve the business.


I love working as a Financial Planner with Metis Ireland and I hope this blog gives you some insight into what my ‘typical’ day looks like.


If you are interested in joining the team, we are currently recruiting for a Financial Planner.


Mary Carney
Financial Planning Associate


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