by Paddy Andrews, Private Client Manager and ex-GAA athlete


About 18 months ago, I had to “retire” myself after nearly 13 years playing high-level sport. It was time for me to move into the next phase of my life.


It’s not easy to step away from a routine and environment you’ve been so accustomed to for such a significant part of your life. The biggest challenge I found was the uncertainty about what was next. I had a structure and an identity tied up in what I did, and suddenly that was gone.


The experience of retiring from sport was an eye opener for me. If you’re approaching retirement, I’m certain you’ll probably be feeling anxious about this very same thing.


What happens now?

At Metis Ireland, this fear is something we encounter time and again as our clients near the end of their own professional journey.


Many of our clients are business owners who have built up their brand for over 30 years, or executives leaving service after being at the coalface of their industries for decades. The most common fear, no matter the industry, is the fear of the unknown. The question they’re most anxious to know the answer to is, “what happens now?”


When we create a Metis LifePlan, we take our clients through a process designed to answer that question. We’ll discuss your worries, plan for the transition, and help to map out and manage the next stage of yours and your families’ lives. It’s the most valuable service we provide – peace of mind and clarity are priceless.


Planning for change

It’s human nature to be averse to change. When our clients approach their retirement, the most pressing issue for the majority isn’t to do with finances. More often, it’s about that loss of identity and routine that has been a cornerstone of professional life for them.


Putting in place a financial plan that will suit your lifestyle goals once you reach retirement can help bring clarity to what is often a phase of uncertainty. That financial perspective, coupled with the right plan and structure around you, takes a lot of pressure off.


My own “retirement” was a challenging time. But having discussions with the right people and putting a plan in place for the next stage of my life gave me clarity and a roadmap for the future. The transition became a whole lot easier once I knew I had a plan for what came next.


What next?

If you’re approaching this stage of your professional life, it’s important to remember that retirement doesn’t need to be a burden. It doesn’t mean “giving up”, slipping into the background, shuffling around in slippers and doing the crossword – it’s freedom to shape your time exactly how you want it after doing the hard yards for decades!


In fact, I prefer the term “financial independence” rather than “retirement”. The next stage isn’t a burden – it’s an opportunity.


Talk to a financial planner to get started on your roadmap for the next stage of yours and your family’s life.


Paddy Andrews
Private Client Manager



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