We recently introduced you to a day in the life of our Dublin team, and now it’s the turn of our Client Services Team based at our beautiful Georgian home on O’Connell Street in Limerick.


Our Limerick office is the Metis Ireland headquarters. It’s our central hub, always buzzing and teeming with life as our planners, PCMs and client service team busy themselves working on putting your plans in action. It’s an absolute pleasure to behold.


Without further ado, let’s join Kasia, Sinéad D, and Eoin for a day in the life.


Good morning, Client Services Team! How does your morning usually play out?


We all usually arrive in around the same time, which is nice. First on the list is coffee for Kasia and Eoin.


Coffee sounds great. So post-coffee, what does a typical day look like for each of you?


As the name suggests, it mostly consists of servicing our clients’ needs, mainly behind the scenes. It involves liaising with providers and clients to get business over the line as efficiently as we can, as well as meeting with the financial planners and private client managers about upcoming meetings to make sure that all the information is at the right place at the right time, and that everybody is prepared.


And what task comes up the most?


Definitely the part about liaising with providers and clients. And above all, making sure everyone is looked after as best we can.


Like silent organisation ninjas, keeping the cogs turning. A pretty essential role! Okay, so what’s the most-used phrase in the office?


‘Kasia be quiet’ – said lovingly, of course!


Ah, perhaps not so silent then! How would you describe the atmosphere in the office?


We’ve got a really friendly team with a good teamwork ethic. It’s a lovely environment to be in.


It sounds it!


Imaginary scenario: mid-afternoon, something unexpected comes up and you get thrown a curveball. What is it most likely to be?


A client calls in for a meeting and we find out we are out of tea, coffee or milk and need to emergency restock!


Truly the most devastating tragedy. No tea! Disgraceful. Well, if that’s the most dramatic curveball that regularly comes your way, clearly something is going right.


When you lock up the office at home time and reflect on your day, what’s the one thing that lets you know you’ve done a good job?


That you know you don’t have to be worried about work until the next morning – if nothing’s hanging over your head, you know you have done a good job while you were in the office.


That’s very true, there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had in that simple fact.


Thank you, team, it’s been lovely to speak to you and hear all about a day in your life at Metis Ireland.


If you’ve read our series on what it’s like to work at Metis Ireland and thought “hey, that sounds like somewhere I’d love to work”, you’re in luck. We’re on the hunt for a Financial Planner to join our team – is this you, or somebody you know? Read all the details here.



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