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Know Your Behavioural Biases: Part 14 – Pattern Recognition

There’s a pattern here… if you’ve been following our series on behavioural biases and how to combat them, you’ll know that for the last 15 weeks, we’ve published the latest update regular as clockwork. If you’ve opted to subscribe to emails, then once a week, every week, there’s the next instalment sitting in your inbox.


Behavioural Biases

Know Your Behavioural Biases: Part 13 – Overconfidence

So far in our series on behavioural biases, we’ve looked at many of the ways our brains keep us on the right track in life, but derail us when it comes to our investments. It’s our brain’s job to get us from the cradle to the grave with as little damage as possible, so we’re all subject to certain instinctive behaviours that have evolved to keep us on the straight and narrow.


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