Like many great ideas, the topic of this blog first came to mind in a pub.


We were in Dublin at the Irish Pension Awards discussing the differences between a can of Guinness and draught pint of Guinness. During lockdown we thought cans were the best possible option, because without access to a pub they genuinely were.


However, once you have a draught pint again you realise just how good it really is. It’s not just about the drink itself – it’s the perfect pour, the foam/liquid ratio, the glass, the ambiance of the pub, the friendly smile from the bartender who hands it to you, and the glorious first sip. It’s the whole package.


It’s a matter of need

What does Guinness have to do with financial advice? In a literal sense, very little, but the comparison of a can vs a draught pint and a financial advisor vs a financial planner is one that has many similarities.


If you want to purchase a generic financial product, then a financial advisor is exactly what you need and they can fulfil your every need. This might consist of you wanting to set up a pension or perhaps you have some extra funds that you want to invest. It’s a straightforward product purchase.


If a can of Guinness suits your needs (a garden party or a lockdown, let’s say), then a can is the right choice for you.


The perfect pint

The key difference between a financial advisor and a financial planner is that the latter takes a holistic approach. A financial planner works with you, your life, your family, and your needs, goals, and dreams at the centre of everything they do, rather than the product. It’s an inside-out approach, rather than outside-in. The result is fully tailored to you – no pre-packaged products here.


When you become a client here at Metis Ireland we request that you complete a “Getting to Know You” form. The information you provide us with gives us more detail about you and your family. You will outline your dreams, goals and ambitions and we will then build you a plan based around them. This is called your Metis LifePlan and it is 100% bespoke for you. Just like your draught pint, it has been poured for you and you only.


How we arrange your money

What we aim to do is arrange your finances appropriately to allow you to hit those dreams, goals, and ambitions. Often this involves investing your money in a range of funds to enable it to grow, but that’s not the only solution we recommend. It all depends on what you want to achieve.


For example if your big dream is a family holiday to New Zealand, but you want to do this in two years’ time, we would suggest keeping this money on deposit rather than tying it up in investment funds.


Similarly, if your main goal is to retire as early as possible, we will look at what you can afford to contribute to your pension every month and/or year and discuss the possible trade off of you retiring earlier.


Arguably the most important part of the financial planning process is the annual review. We all know how much life can change unexpectedly in a year, and sometimes people’s dreams, goals and aspirations change too. The annual review meeting is our opportunity to discuss and update your Metis LifePlan so it continues to be specific to you and your plans.


What next?

One thing is for sure whether you choose a can of financial advice or a draught pint of planning, you are putting yourself in a better position and you are hopefully starting to think more about the future of your finances. A step in the right direction is a step closer to financial independence.


If you have any further queries on the above or would be interested in your own financial plan then please get in touch via

Ronan Queally
Financial Planning Associate



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