For the third, or maybe even fourth time this year, we’re back with The Wall of Worry. I think the first time that we showed this chart was back when Russia invaded Ukraine.


It’s totally okay to be feeling a little bit uncertain, unsure, worried. But here’s the only headline you need to pay attention to: Stick With The Plan.


If your investment or pension portfolio was fit for purpose at the outset, they are still fit for purpose now. And the people who will win out of their investments and their pensions are the people who do nothing, don’t make any changes. Do not try to time the market. It does not work. It cannot work.


If you’re a client of ours, please do reach out and contact us and let us talk you through these choppy waters. But that’s all it is – a temporary rough patch.


Watch the video above to hear our Managing Director, Carl Widger, talk you through the evidence behind why you need not panic.


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