As Head of Finance, there are four foundational elements to Paddy’s role: Financial Reporting, Effective Controls and Procedures, Risk Management, and Financial Compliance. The guiding principles for all four are interconnected: having solid procedures in place, and operating with clarity and consistency. He also forms part of our Board of Directors where he plays a key part in defining and directing the future strategy and direction of the company to inevitably unlock the secrets to success for all our stakeholders.


Outside work

Paddy is a sports enthusiast who quotes Eric Cantona as his hero. It’s a pretty wide gamut when it comes to the sports he enjoys – hurling, golf and soccer, to name a few! For Paddy, family is at the centre of everything. The O’Halloran household is a busy one featuring three young children, yet, there is no place he’d rather be – well other than, perhaps, on one of their family holidays abroad.

What’s so great about Metis Ireland?

Metis Ireland strives to enable high achievers to achieve. For Paddy, this means continuously fostering an excellent team atmosphere where all Metis stakeholders can thrive.