Metis Ireland has a client-centric approach. As Director of Private Clients, Paddy is laser-focused on delivering this promise to each and every family he works.
Three key pillars define Paddy’s approach to client delivery:
1. Clarity – helping our clients understand their financial situation.
2. Efficiency – making sure they are in the right structures at the right time, for them and their family.
3. Tailored – each plan and recommendation is always personalised to their exact needs.


Outside work

As someone who played professional sports for over a decade, it is no surprise that sport is an enduring passion. Despite hanging up his boots on GAA, you can catch his football commentary on the Off The Ball podcast and with Virgin Media on Ireland A.M. On a day off, you might find Paddy on the golf course working on his handicap.
But when all is said and done, it is family and friends that are his driving force. The opportunity to spend time together, celebrate milestones, and recognise personal wins – both big and small – is what it is all about.

What’s so great about Metis Ireland?

For Paddy, it’s all about culture and colleagues. Being a fundamental part of a tightly-knit team is in his DNA, and it’s what draws him to the atmosphere at Metis Ireland. We all play to our strengths and focus on the same goal: to make a real difference for clients.