Niamh is our Office Manager, which means she’s our Director of First Impressions here at Metis Ireland. She oversees internal office operations, organises meetings and manages databases, spearheads transport and accommodation, designs our company events and conferences, and deals with all general correspondence and queries.


Outside work

Niamh’s days are always full and often start with a 5.45 am visit to the gym – a commitment that enables her to keep up with her little one at home. She enjoys a nice coffee and loves spending time at the Irish seaside along with finding endless Irish markets to wander and browse. Niamh loves being from Limerick and is a proud Limerick hurling fan.

What’s so great about Metis Ireland?

Niamh appreciates the incredible team atmosphere and her amazing colleagues at Metis Ireland. She finds the balance between client focus and employee well-being to be among the best she has ever experienced.