As one of our financial planners it’s Mary’s job to work with clients to discuss their goals and their vision of the future. But she’s also here to understand the realities of their circumstances – where they are now and how they can realistically get to where they want to be. It’s Mary’s job to give them a clear picture of their current situation, show them how the future might look and decide the best strategy for them.


Outside work
Mary is married to her husband Eoin and spends her free time obsessing over all things GAA. For those unfamiliar with the GAA, it’s the Gaelic Athletic Association. For those unfamiliar with Mary, don’t tell her you don’t know what GAA means. She also enjoys hiking and traveling.


What’s so great about Metis Ireland?
Mary believes what makes Metis Ireland a great place to work is that while we’re constantly striving to be at the forefront of world class financial planning, we always keep the client at the centre of what we do.