As Head of Financial Planning, Cian oversees every single Metis LifePlan that leaves the building. He gets to know clients, their circumstances and their ambitions to ensure the advice we’re giving them is clear and appropriate. A Metis LifePlan is more than a document, it’s an ongoing commitment and a living, growing pathway, so it needs to be right.


Outside work
Born and raised in Kildare, Cian is serious about sport and the outdoors, enjoying hiking and swimming in his spare time. But he’s big on team sports too (which are the ones we’re really interested in) with the main focus being rugby, whether that’s sitting back and enjoying the match as a Munster fan or playing his part as coach. When it’s not all about the rugby, then it’s about the hurling. Limerick, in case you’re wondering.


What’s so great about Metis Ireland?
Cian enjoys working with clients from a wide range of backgrounds, but the best part about Metis Ireland is the problem-solving approach we take. We’re here to find solutions, even where clients can’t see them.