Cian gets to the heart of what his client and their family want to achieve. He is a collaborator, tailor-making and co-creating plans for individuals to maximise their return on life based on their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Cian also plays a critical role in onboarding new families to the Metis Ireland Way. He is a strong advocate for ensuring that the wider circle are always part of the conversation from the get-go and is the trusted guide in getting his clients where they want to go.


Outside work

Cian is serious about sport and the outdoors and enjoys hiking and swimming in his spare time. He’s big on team sports too, with the main focus being rugby – whether that’s sitting back and enjoying the match as a Munster fan or playing his part as a head coach for Garryowen seconds team. Ask Cian what his definition of real wealth is and he will tell you that it is quality time spent with his family and he would not have it any other way. If that can be by the sea in West Clare, then Cian is living the dream.

What’s so great about Metis Ireland?

Cian’s passion is helping business owners and their families to achieve financial freedom as early as possible. Seeing that light bulb moment when families realise they are financially independent is the best part of his role.