As a member of the board it’s his job to guide the strategic direction of Metis Ireland. That means taking care of what we do for our clients as well as growing and developing the company. Carl still meets with new and existing clients weekly, but he also has one eye on the future and lives by his mantra ‘to infinity and beyond!’ (he can’t remember who said it, but he thinks it was probably some highbrow philosophy bigwig).


Outside work
Carl is also Dad to four kids who exist mostly for sports. He’s a long way off a football team, but they could be a relay team maybe, or a bobsleigh crew. He’s big on sport himself, mostly team games, which is a pretty decent metaphor for life at Metis Ireland. Carl loves soccer, rugby and hurling, all games of skill, strategy and co-operation. He’s also been known to run up and down mountains – not a metaphor this time.


What’s so great about Metis Ireland?
Carl is here to live and breathe Metis Ireland, so he likes pretty much everything. But if he had to choose one thing that makes us really special, it’s the team we’ve put together. Working at Metis Ireland means being inspired every day by an energetic team of focused, dedicated professionals.