As MD and member of the board, he guides the strategic direction of the company, and the organisation has gone from strength to strength over the past 10 years. As Carl said recently, “It feels like this is just the beginning for Metis Ireland, we have very ambitious growth plans”. The company currently manages approximately €400M for clients and plans to double this in the next few years.


Outside work

What maxim best encapsulates Carl Widger? We could probably settle on “Carpe Diem”. Unsurprisingly, Carl is a person who actively pursues many passions outside of Financial Planning and has an unending bucket list.
He loves travel with some standout experiences being Kilimanjaro, San Francisco and South of France. Getting to experience his music heroes playing live in the company of good friends and his kids also scores high on his list.
An avid sports enthusiast (mostly team games), he loves soccer, rugby, hurling, and all games of skill, strategy and cooperation. As a dad of four sports fanatics, his weekends often involve shouting encouragement, and instruction from the sidelines.

What’s so great about Metis Ireland?

Carl often talks about the privilege it is for him to lead the Metis Ireland team – highly experienced and passionate individuals dedicated to empowering their clients and transforming lives through strategic planning.
Carl founded Metis Ireland with a firm belief that expert financial planning can empower individuals to get maximum return on life. As time goes on that conviction has gotten stronger and stronger; it is now backed by real-life testimonials from hundreds of clients who are living proof of the positive impact of the planning process.