We’ve had a couple of new faces appear in our offices since the start of the new year, and although it’s only been a short while, they already feel like a part of the furniture. Whoever said Financial Planning can be a stiff subject obviously never met the team at Metis Ireland, because this bunch definitely keep the profession exciting.


So it’s time for us to sit down with Ronan Queally, our brand new Financial Planning Associate based at HQ in Limerick, to learn more about him and his career at Metis Ireland.


Thank you for agreeing to do the team spotlight Ronan, to kick us off can you describe in three words the kind of work you do every day


Inspirational, Innovative and World Class.


I’m not sure whether that counts as three or four words Ronan but we’ll accept it! And those sound suspiciously familiar… what’s been your proudest moment at Metis Ireland so far?


Being involved in so many client meetings has resulted in me working on numerous financial plans. My proudest and happiest moments have occurred in these meetings where we have been able to confirm that our clients are able to do that bucket list item, such as go on the family holiday or purchase the campervan they have always wanted. It’s a great feeling.


Seeing clients’ dreams become a reality through financial planning is really what it’s all about.
Now, tell us the quote or phrase that goes through life with you.


“You reap what you sow.”


I thoroughly believe that your actions today will have a direct impact on your future. Just like investing in the market, it is also important to invest in yourself. I do this by trying to be a good friend and by trying to better myself by signing up for further education wherever possible. The same can be said in the gym and on the track, every little bit extra you do today will accumulate and help you achieve even bigger and better goals tomorrow. Our Managing Director Carl Widger recently spoke about the extra 1% and it’s something Katie Taylor mentioned in her autobiography too. Between them they have four World Championship titles and an Olympic medal so I think they have set a good example.


That’s definitely a great one, and great that someone who has inspired you is our very own Carl Widger. And what’s in your Metis LifePlan?


I’m in a really interesting stage of my life right now where a lot is happening. I’m getting married in May and hoping to go on the holiday of a lifetime shortly after for our honeymoon. Once those two have been completed we will get back to house hunting, so it’s a busy time!


Wow, it sounds like you’ve got a busy year on your hands! Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever been?


This is a toss up between Rome and Yosemite National Park. Rome has incredible architecture and everywhere you look you see another amazing structure, whereas Yosemite National Park is all natural with breathtaking views that have to be seen to be believed.


Who is your hero and why? Feel free to mention Carl again here if you would like to…


Ha, nice try! Growing up I always thought sport stars were my heroes, but I guess as you grow older you start to realise the real heros are much closer to home. My parents have lived incredible lives and yet always managed to put me and my siblings first. Mam and Dad worked hard but did everything they could to make sure we had every opportunity available to us. Besides being forced to play the violin as a child, this was incredible and I will forever be in their debt. All they wanted for us was that we were happy, and besides those violin lessons, they did a pretty great job.


We would definitely love to hear you play the violin if you still have it! Maybe a Metis Ireland Talent Show is on the cards?!
Finally, if you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?


Keep doing what you are doing – the stories are going to be great!


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