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What to ask when choosing a financial adviser

Choosing your financial adviser is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and hoping they have the answers isn’t enough, you need to be absolutely clear about the questions you need to ask.


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River Run For River Watch…a “special” #MetisMorningRiverRun

As even the birds on the trees now know, every last Friday of the month Metis Ireland hosts the #MetisMorningRiverRun.

It’s a 5K run that starts at 7am on the button from St. Michaels Rowing Club and out along the riverbank for a lovely morning jaunt with no pressure on anyboAfter our run in September, Graham Burns, one of our regular supporters,  came to us and said that his crew in CPL had a fantastic idea to host a run to support Limerick Suicide Watch (LSW) but rather than look at a whole new event could they “piggyback” on the established  #MetisMorningRiverRun


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