Earlier this summer, we celebrated a triple-whammy of outstanding new recruits to Metis Ireland. What a time to grow. With the country opening up again and our brand new Limerick office open for business, we’re loving being able to get around a table to secure our clients’ financial futures. Good job we have more chairs.


We’ve already had a quick introduction to our new Private Client Manager, Susan Walsh, and Client Services Executive, Eoin O’Brien, now let’s get to know our third new teammate, Kasia – a Qualified Financial Advisor with a flair for data analysis. Currently studying for an online degree in Mathematics and Statistics on the side, her number-crunching knows no bounds.


Hi Kasia! Now that you’ve had a couple of months with your feet under the desk, we thought you’d like a spotlight in your face. Bet you thought you’d gotten away with it, eh? Let’s get to it. What three words describe the kind of work you do every day?


Can I say, ‘Administration paper pusher’?

You just did, so I guess that’s a ‘yes’. I’m sure there’s a little bit more to your job than that, though… How about your proudest moment at Metis Ireland so far?


With Sinéad & Carl’s help and encouragement, I climbed a 500-meter hill – something I’ve never done before.

Oh yes, that team day you had where you tackled Moylussa in County Clare? Looks amazing, and what an initiation to the team! Big achievement too for a first-timer, well done. Can you tell us the quote or phrase that goes through life with you?


No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all.

That’s so true. With such a kind and wise soul, it’s no wonder you fit into the team at Metis Ireland so well. What’s in your Metis LifePlan?


I have a plan to build a passive modular house (eco-home) in Ireland in the next two years.

Move over Kevin McCloud! Grand Designs indeed. You must keep us in the loop with that one, we love a good tale of transformation. Where’s the most interesting place you’ve been?


I’d have to say my trip through the Sahara desert.

Wow, that’s a big one! Penultimate question time: Who is your hero and why?


My parents for always supporting me and for being so delightfully liberal and allowing me to spread my wings under their protective umbrella.

That’s lovely, they sound like wonderful role models. How about the one piece of advice you’d give your younger self if you could?


You’re not anti-social, you’re just anti-idiot – so learn diplomacy to make it easier on yourself!

Sounds like you’ve learned that lesson the hard way, but haven’t we all?! Thank you Kasia, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you better.


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