We’ve arrived at part eight of our ten-part series, ‘Ten Things To Ask Yourself About Retirement”. This is the big one. It’s the question nobody ever wants to ask, and yet the one certainty we all need to face up to. One day we’ll no longer be around, so what then?


Let’s be frank

At Metis Ireland we’ve built a reputation on never shying away from the difficult questions. We’d be a poor wealth management team indeed if we only celebrated your victories with you and skirted around the more searching questions. A personal trainer wouldn’t avoid telling you what you need to do more of, or consume less of, and neither will we.
We’ve always been completely honest with our clients, candid where we have to be. We think about the ‘what ifs’ and we address the unexpected head on. Just as we’d build you an investment portfolio that’s diversified and well-equipped to roll with the punches, able to cope with whatever fortune throws at it, so we’ll make sure your retirement plan builds in contingency. Whatever retirement asks of you, you’ll have the right answers.

Keeping your future secure

How much you’d need to carry on living your life if your partner were to pass away; whether they’d be secure if you died first; knowing that the mechanics of your pension plan would work in such a way as to benefit the people closest to you when you’re no longer around. Those are the questions to ask, and answer, now.
Because as you get older, you’ll ask more questions of life, but life will have questions for you too. We’ll help you to make sure you have the answers ready. Then it’s up to you. Lock them in a drawer and never look at them again if you don’t want to. But do it with peace of mind and enjoy your retirement to the very fullest, knowing you won’t be blindsided and the people you love are protected.
Next time, in part nine we address the million-dollar question: “how do I invest well?”

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Talk to us

We’d love to help. Whether you’re just beginning to think about retirement, your plan is already under way, or it’s finally time to stop putting it off.


Call us for an introductory chat and we’ll see where you’re up to. If you like what you hear, we can meet and go through your vision for retirement as you see it.


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