Smart wealth planning means having the money you need to do the things you want, for as long as possible. Retirement is the very embodiment of that principle.


We’re halfway through exploring the ten things you should be asking yourself right now about your future in retirement. Number five: “Can we buy a property abroad?”


I do like to be beside the seaside


It’s as common a question as you might expect it to be. Who hasn’t dreamed of buying somewhere that offers better weather, a more comfortable pace of life and a view of the sea?


Like many of the questions on this list, it’s something to think about now. It may be possible to buy a property abroad, but we’ll need to move beyond idly searching through holiday home listings. Whether it’s feasible with what you have today, or whether it might be later, with some revisions to the way you work in the years ahead, these are questions we can help you to deal with and start nailing down the answers. The crucial step is actually asking them in the first place.


Make the genie in a bottle redundant


Many a retirement wish begins with “One day I’d love to have…” and sadly stops there. The earlier you begin to map out what you’d like to do in retirement, the more time you’ll have to work with to make that dream come true. We can model a holiday home purchase now or at any point in the future. And if it’s not quite achievable with things as they stand, we can look at your options. We’ll help you to rethink your plans and find a way to do it – whether that means saving more, liquidating assets elsewhere or working for a little longer.


Somewhere along the line you need to turn those maybes into definitive goals. If it’s something you seriously want, then don’t leave it as a pipe dream. Retirement planning is about taking the guesswork out and replacing it with the insight and infrastructure you really need to get where you’re going.


Your Metis LifePlan will give you the most clear-cut picture of your financial resources you’ll ever have. Our expert team will help you to augment that plan with different future scenarios, to help you arrive at the one you really want.


Coming next time, question six: “Can we help the kids with a deposit?”


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