Multi-Generational Tax Planning: a case study

We’ve talked a lot about using Section 72 in our estate planning lately. However, it can feel a little abstract … Continued

How big should my pension be?

When we start talking to clients about their retirement, they often ask us “how big should my pension be?”   … Continued

How we add value through Financial Governance

The very first point on Our Contract With You is “We will always act with integrity and in your best … Continued

What the FIRE Movement gets wrong

Last month I introduced the concept of the FIRE Movement and discussed the difference between Early Retirement and Financial Independence. … Continued

Metis Ireland now wholly owned by its staff and board

Metis Ireland is pleased to confirm it is now wholly owned by Metis Ireland management and board members. It had … Continued

Let’s Talk About Finance for Women

First things first: everyone, regardless of gender, should at minimum have a pension. There are so many benefits: security in … Continued

How to start building your bucket list

As a financial planner, I often see clients who dream of retiring early but struggle to make it a reality. … Continued

When is a property investment a good idea?

Irish people love property. That has been my experience over the last 10 years in the industry, working with hundreds … Continued

How to get started with Estate Planning

Generational planning (or “estate planning”) is the process of planning to pass your wealth on to future generations – usually … Continued

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