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Motorbikes and Investments… what do they have in common?

by | Oct 2, 2019 | AHEAD OF THE CURVE |

Imagine that you have a shiny new motorbike and are going for a ride in the beautiful Wicklow Mountains; the road is nice and even, beautiful sights all around you, an easy ride. And then you approach a bend. You are prepared for this; you look straight ahead, slow down a bit, get ready by leaning just a little and suddenly… the bend is tightening, its worse than you expected; you can’t stop looking at the ditch, your muscles stiffen, you can’t bring yourself to lean just a bit more… you PANIC.

Similarly, this is what has happened back in 2008 with the financial markets.

Once you have lived through a crash, the natural reaction is to not want to risk it again so you stay away from Motorbikes and Investments FOR LIFE …

But what if we did something different? Could we actually enjoy the ride?

A skill that takes most motorcyclists years to master is cornering. It’s a skill that is enhanced over the years, but is never really fully complete. None of the bends are the same; they have different ascents, descents, cambers, road surfaces and weather conditions… (and that’s not including the unknowable; debris, water and other road users)

Statistically, failure to correctly negotiate a corner represents the second frequent reason for a motorcyclist accident.

What are the main skills you need to master?

  • Observation
  • Control
  • Anticipation
  • Plan

Watching and surveying what is ahead is said to be the most important part of cornering on a motorcycle. You need to look far ahead in order to be able to enter the unknown bend with the right knowledge set. You need to keep your head up and look to where you want to be; the end of the corner at all times, not straight ahead. Your body and decisions will follow.

Sound Familiar to Investing?

With investing, like cornering, you can expect some ups and downs on your journey; like health issues or market declines, but we will make sure that you don’t lose touch with your overall lifestyle and financial goals.

We help you look far ahead with your own Metis LifePlan.

As you can only control the controllable it is important to have a good plan in place, one that’s robust enough to withstand any unexpected events. We will help you anticipate the unforeseen and stay confident on the road by giving you a clear set of investment principles to guide you on your lifelong journey. This will be your own individual travel companion; your financial strategy aligned with your personal Metis LifePlan.

Engaging us will help you remain in control and avoid being guided by emotional reactions to sudden market volatility.


All you need to do is to ‘’look far ahead’’ for the next corner… and whatever your goals are, we’ll make sure that you can enjoy the ride!


Marta Pelc
Financial Planner



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