At Metis, we take pride in the personal, tailored service we provide. Over the years we’ve built strong, lasting connections with our customers, they trust us with their money and their ambitions. In return, we do our level best to help them achieve those ambitions.


It’s an exciting and fast-paced time here – key changes are taking place that will allow us to help even more customers in the future. Here’s the full story, what it means for us and for our customers.


Welcoming Davy on board


Metis Ireland was formed in 2014 by Karl Daly and Carl Widger. In the last five years we’ve grown significantly and we’re now recognised as one of Ireland’s leading financial planning firms. But there’s more we can do – we have bigger ambitions to help more people to reach their goals and with market leader Davy Group investing in the business, we’ll be able to do exactly that.


Davy will acquire a 50% share of Metis Ireland, pending approval from the Central Bank of Ireland. As part of this investment, Karl will no longer hold shares in Metis Ireland, but he’ll continue to act as a consultant to the business and will still serve his own clients on behalf of the company.


Karl says:


“Our clients know our core offering is our Metis LifePlan. My own Metis LifePlan tells me it’s time for change! I’m proud to have co-founded this business back in 2014 and I look forward to continuing my involvement with Metis, albeit not as a director or shareholder.


I’ll look to pursue some of my passions with the spare time I’ll have available. I wish the team at Metis Ireland the very best of luck for the future and I look forward to seeing the business grow over the next few years.”


Building a brighter future


Commenting on the success of Metis so far and its reputation in the industry, Brian McKiernan, Chief Executive of Davy notes:


“Like others in the industry we’ve been impressed with Metis Ireland’s growing reputation as a dynamic financial planning-led advisory business. We’re very pleased to support Metis Ireland in its ongoing progress and hope to identify areas of further collaboration as the business continues to expand.”


Metis Ireland co-founder who will also now become CEO, Carl Widger says:


“Everyone at Metis Ireland would like to thank Karl Daly for his dedication and commitment to the Metis cause over the past five years. We also look forward to his continued input as a consultant to the business. On a personal level, I’m sad to see him go but we’re always telling our clients to live the life they want and the same must be true for everyone working with Metis Ireland. The time has come for Karl to pursue his own bucket list.”


We’re excited to have Davy on board as a partner and we look forward to enhancing our client proposition and service delivery capabilities as well as growing the business further”.


How Metis Ireland will look in future


First, we’ll continue to trade as Metis Ireland and to operate as an independently regulated firm under the Investment Intermediary Act. Second, the dedicated, personal service our customers are accustomed to will absolutely stay the same.


Over the past five years, we’ve made it our mission to do things differently. We’ve worked hard to get to know our customers, to understand where they are now, where they’re going and how to get there. We take the time to understand what motivates them, what they want out of life, and where we can step in to help.


Business structures change – like investments they evolve and grow, we rebalance and refocus to stay in touch with the demands of the time. In working with Davy we’ve given ourselves the resources and the flexibility to expand our operation, but exceptional service, lasting relationships and a commitment to providing the very best for the people who need us – those things will always stay the same.


The Team at Metis Ireland



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