Maximum Return on Life


Real lifestyle financial planning is not just about numbers; it’s about empowering individuals to live the life they want to now, while providing peace of mind along with the knowledge and ability to understand and achieve their future goals. In essence, it is about getting your best return on life.


Getting your best return on your one precious life means matching your resources (income, savings, investments, property, pensions) with your desired lifestyle. Taking time to draw up, tinker with and review a bespoke financial plan is essential to live your best life.


Reflection is essential, you have to ask yourself ‘what are my goals, dreams and aspirations?’. Dig deep and decide what memories you want to create with those closest to you. Get clear on the legacy you want to leave.


Do you ever worry about any of these questions …

  • Are we going to be ok? Will we run out of money?
  • When can we afford to stop working or sell our business?
  • Can we put the kids through college?
  • I wonder if we could afford to buy a holiday home in France?
  • Will we be a burden if we have to go into long term care?


This is what real financial planning is about. This is what we do at Metis Ireland every single day. We can answer these questions for you, give you peace of mind around the really big questions that are on your mind and give you the freedom to pursue your best life.


We are passionate about the work we do for our clients. We have so many stories we can tell you about some of the families that we work with. We even have some who are happy to vouch for us. We believe everyone should pursue their best life. We believe what we do empowers families to do just that.


You are just one phone call or email away from embarking on this journey. What are you waiting for?!


Susan Walsh

Private Client Manager


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