Joining Metis Ireland & Importance of Financial Planning


Since I started working with Metis Ireland in November last year, I have found it to be a very supportive and exciting environment. I have been working in the Wealth Management space for over 10 years now but find that I am really enjoying the approach to Financial Planning which is part of Metis Ireland’s DNA.


Metis Ireland has an unrivalled reputation for its personable and bespoke approach to delivering financial planning advice and strategic wealth management. The team’s commitment to engaging their clients on an individual basis to put a plan together that works for them, and their future retirement plans is really what attracted me to the business.


We operate within what we call a ‘POD’ system. This provides a dedicated financial planner and a client services associate to all my clients. Together, we manage onboarding for new clients, from prospect to recommendation right through to completion. Our ‘POD’ system ensures that we consistently provide best in-class service levels to all of our clients.


Regarding the importance of retirement planning, it cannot be overstated.


Here’s why it’s crucial:


  1. Financial Independence: Retirement planning allows you to achieve financial independence during your golden years. By saving and investing strategically throughout your working years, you can accumulate enough wealth to maintain your desired lifestyle without relying solely on the state pension or other sources of income.
  2. Maintaining Standard of Living: A carefully crafted retirement plan ensures that you can maintain your standard of living after leaving the workforce. It takes into account factors such as inflation, healthcare costs, and potential fluctuations in the economy to ensure that your savings last throughout your retirement years.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have a solid retirement plan in place provides peace of mind. It alleviates worries about running out of money or being unable to afford essential expenses during retirement, allowing you to enjoy your golden years without financial stress.
  4. Early Preparation: The earlier you start retirement planning, the better prepared you’ll be. Starting to save and invest for retirement at a young age allows you to take advantage of compounding returns, which can significantly grow your wealth over time.
  5. Adaptability: A retirement plan is not set in stone; it can be adjusted and adapted as your circumstances change. Whether it’s changes in income, expenses, health, or financial goals, having a flexible plan enables you to make necessary adjustments along the way to stay on track towards your retirement objectives.
  6. Legacy Planning: Retirement planning isn’t just about securing your own financial future; it also involves planning for the legacy you want to leave behind. Whether it’s providing for loved ones, supporting charitable causes, or leaving a financial legacy, a well-thought-out retirement plan can help you achieve these goals.
  7. Minimizing Tax Implications: A comprehensive retirement plan considers the tax implications of different retirement accounts and investment strategies. By strategically managing your tax liabilities, you can maximize your retirement savings and minimize the amount of taxes you owe in retirement.



Metis Ireland is a growing brand and I’m very excited to introduce people to the bespoke services we can provide. We bring a first class client relationship and we are able to provide personalized financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.


Let’s talk…


Ronan Bourke

Private Client Manager



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