This will be short and sweet and it works!


Rising energy costs. Rising interest rates. War in Ukraine. Talks of recession. Summer is over. Everton only have a few points after six games.


The list goes on. It could get very depressing… if you let it.


I have found that you can easily let the NEWS (Negative Events World Service), dictate your overall mood and your enthusiasm for life.


Try this:

Turn off the news for a week. Focus every day on what you are grateful for. Make time each day to quieten your mind – try three five-minute stints. Close your eyes and think about what matters most to you. I find a morning meditation sets me up nicely for the day ahead and puts me in the best frame of mind possible.


I use Insight Timer each morning and listen to Sarah Blondin’s meditations most days. I close the door to my office (or sit in my car if travelling) and take five minutes around lunchtime to remind myself of what matters most to me. It’s a real skill to learn to tune out the noise and focus on the bigger picture. I’ll try to finish each day with a short meditation too.


Full disclosure: I don’t always do it three times a day. But I do it most days. Because it works and keeps me focused on the things that matter and the things that I can control.


Mind your mind. Your mind determines how you face each day and how you face the daily challenges that face us all.


We live in the most progressive era of humankind. And opportunity abounds. Go live your best life.


Carl Widger
Managing Director


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