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Now that’s how you do a Financial Planning & Investing Conference!

by | Oct 8, 2019 | AHEAD OF THE CURVE |


Last week, I attended the @riskalyze Fearless Investing Summit in Boston. I had followed this conference on Twitter last year and thought it looked so different to the types of events I have attended in Ireland over the years and more recently in the UK. This was a significant investment from Metis Ireland as unlike similar events in Ireland, you have to pay for your ticket, flight and accommodation. I must say I like this idea because:

  1. You get much better content and speakers
  2. You get a much more professional and engaging event experience
  3. You meet like-minded people who are there to learn, network and share ideas
  4. There are no conflicts of interests (i.e. I wasn’t there because I “recommended” a certain fund to our clients)

One thing that struck me was that at Metis Ireland we provide broadly the same Financial Planning services to our clients as our counterparts in the US. The main difference being in Ireland we are at the forefront of a pretty new concept in Lifestyle Financial Planning whereas in the US it is very common and it seems consumers know the value that they get from Real Financial Planning. This gives me great encouragement to continue on our journey to provide Honest Experienced Financial Planning and ensure that we add value year in year out to all of our clients.

I met some fantastic people who I have followed on Twitter for a while now. It was great to finally meet with them face to face and chat all things Financial Planning. As the lone Irish representative, I was made to feel very welcome by everyone I came across. There were many different firms at the event (over 650 attendees) and it was especially great to meet and chat with the likes of @aaronklein @alexchalekian @justincastelli @michaelhbaker

The event opening was more akin to attending a gig. The introductory video was inspiring and really clever (small snippet below). It set the tone for what was to follow for the next few days. My standout speakers from a jam packed 3 day agenda were @jonacuff and the superb @horstschulze. The comedy from @tomcottercomic was hilarious on the Thursday evening and those who were there will know what I mean when I say I’m glad he didn’t ask if there were any Irish people in attendance!


The keynote from the team @riskalyze was really well put together and they had several members of their team talk during an action-packed hour-long session. It was clear from each speaker that they are energised by the work that they are doing. It is certainly innovative and I look forward to exploring with them more over the coming weeks and months as to how we could adapt some of their services to the Irish market.














We have three words that we aspire to as a team @metisireland

  • World Class
  • Innovative
  • Inspirational

I was exposed to all three last week in Boston. @riskalyze put on a show that entertained, educated and inspired me from start to finish. The bar has been set very high. I’d love to see something like this event in Ireland. But while I’m waiting, I think I’ll return to the US next year to attend another one of these amazing events.

Carl Widger
Co-Founder & Director




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