What the FIRE Movement gets wrong

Last month I introduced the concept of the FIRE Movement and discussed the difference between Early Retirement and Financial Independence. … Continued

Let’s Talk About Finance for Women

First things first: everyone, regardless of gender, should at minimum have a pension. There are so many benefits: security in … Continued

How UK State Pension Changes May Affect You

Edit: since this article was originally written, the UK government announced an extension to the April 2023 deadline. The deadline … Continued

How to extract cash from a Family Limited Company using PRSAs: A Case Study

You may have noticed that we’ve been singing the praises of PRSAs from the rooftops lately. There’s a good reason … Continued

I’m self-employed – how do I benefit from PRSAs? A case study

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been telling anyone who would listen about the wonders of Personal Retirement Savings Accounts … Continued

What is the difference between “Early Retirement” and “Financial Independence”?

  As a financial planner, I work with families from all sorts of backgrounds. However, there is one common value … Continued

Key benefits of PRSAs

Last week we discussed the recent changes in pension legalisation and how this has created opportunities for business owners and … Continued

Exciting changes to pensions offer new opportunities for business owners

by Paddy Andrews   It’s not very often you see a headline with the words “pension” and “exciting” in the … Continued

Inflation – HELP!

What is inflation and how does it affect me?   Inflation has been around a very, very long time. We … Continued

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