15 Ideas to Create a Great Team Culture at Work

by Carl Widger   I have been more than a little bemused with all the talk lately of the “great … Continued

Irish tax deadline 2021 checklist: who, when, and what?

Benjamin Franklin famously once said, “in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes”. And sure enough, it’s once … Continued

Money, retail therapy, and mental health

Mental health problems touch the lives of millions of people each year worldwide. Last year in Ireland alone, more than … Continued

Introducing Jack O’Donoghue: Metis Ireland Brand Ambassador

Metis Ireland has a long-standing reputation for attracting the very best talent within our financial planning and our client services … Continued

Putting plans in place after an unwelcome diagnosis

One of the first questions we ask in Metis Ireland when starting your Metis LifePlan journey is, ‘What are your … Continued

“Why do I need a pension?”: The Question with a Thousand Possibilities

So it’s Pension Awareness Week, and on Wednesday 15th September, it’s Pension Awareness Day – how exciting! We really do … Continued

Job Optional – The day you don’t have to work

What if today was your retirement day?   So, the day has come. You are retiring! What does that mean? … Continued

Ignore the noise of sensationalist headings

Sensationalist Heading Here!  A headline for a recent article from a well-known Irish newspaper recently claimed that “Six in every … Continued

When is an investment like a bar of soap?

It might seem like a strange analogy, but it’s often said that an investment portfolio is a bit like a … Continued

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