If you’ve ever wondered what the Metis Ireland Dublin office gets up to all day, then wonder no more. We asked the Dubliners – Paddy, Kate and Dean – about a typical day in the life over in our east coast office.


Hello team! Thank you for agreeing to share a day in the life at the Dublin office with us. It makes sense to start at the beginning: what’s the morning routine over there?


We’re an early-rising bunch! Paddy arrives first, followed by Kate and Dean from their Dart journeys from Dublin’s north side. Coffee is a must, first of all, and then we sit down for a team debrief on the previous day’s work. All is calm and well, until Paddy inevitably legs it down the stairs to beat the clampers just in time!


What an eventful morning! So after you’ve had your coffee and settled in, what does a typical day look like for each of you?


Paddy: For me, a typical day involves presenting plans to new clients. This part of the job is especially rewarding, as you’re showing them what is possible – and it’s often more than they expected or dreamed of.


Kate: My typical day basically complements Paddy’s – I do the building part of financial plans for potential clients. Equally satisfying!


Dean: And I look after the job of liaising with providers to get business issued as efficiently as possible! Between us, we run like clockwork.


And what’s the most-used phrase in the office?


“Let’s get it done!!”


Wow, that was unanimous! And a great phrase, we like that. How would you describe the atmosphere in the office?


Complementary! Each person on the team directly and/or indirectly does something positive throughout the day that ensures other members of the team benefit.


Mid-afternoon, something unexpected comes up and you get thrown a curveball. What is it most likely to be?


We have been fortunate not to experience many curveballs to date but if there was to be one it would more than likely be that Paddy’s car has been clamped!!


Paddy, I think we need to talk about your parking habits…
What’s one task you do every single day without fail, or that comes up the most?


One task we do every day without fail is make sure we have worked hard to make sure our clients are looked after properly. That’s what it all boils down to, really.


Very good answer. It’s true – above all else, that’s the core of everything that we do at Metis Ireland.


Okay, let’s draw to a close: when you lock up the office at home time and reflect on your day, what’s the one thing that makes you know you’ve done a good job?


That everyone has left in good spirits, tasks have been completed, and your mind is at ease with nothing hanging over you for the evening to come!!


That’s a feeling that money can’t buy! Thank you guys, it’s been lovely catching up with you. We’ll see you soon, and in the meantime, keep being brilliant.


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