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Here you’ll find the latest news and our library of short videos. They’ll give you an introduction to the key things you might need to think about, how we approach our work, why we believe in our investment philosophy and how we’ll help you to reach your goals.

Why “Safe Harbours” Can Be Risky Business

We see it often: Whenever investors are spooked by turbulent times, money tends to flow out of the s...

Why “Safe Harbours” Can Be Risky Business

We see it often: Whenever investors are spooked by turbulent times, money tends to flow out of the stock market, … Continued

Welcome Paddy Andrews

Metis Ireland is delighted to welcome Dublin Footballer and Certified Financial Planner® Paddy Andrews to its growing team.   Paddy … Continued

Investors Must Be Careful to Avoid News Overload

Last month we were delighted to be asked to write another piece for The Sunday Times around news overload and … Continued

Our Contract With You

The word ‘contract’ doesn’t generally inspire enthusiasm. It usually means a lot of reading, a fair bit of frowning, a … Continued

Metis Ireland End of Quarter Team Building

Metis Ireland End of Quarter Team Building

What to ask when choosing a financial adviser

Choosing your financial adviser is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and hoping they have the answers isn’t enough, you need to be absolutely clear about the questions you need to ask.

River Run For River Watch…a “special” #MetisMorningRiverRun

As even the birds on the trees now know, every last Friday of the month Metis Ireland hosts the #MetisMorningRiverRun.

It’s a 5K run that starts at 7am on the button from St. Michaels Rowing Club and out along the riverbank for a lovely morning jaunt with no pressure on anyboAfter our run in September, Graham Burns, one of our regular supporters,  came to us and said that his crew in CPL had a fantastic idea to host a run to support Limerick Suicide Watch (LSW) but rather than look at a whole new event could they “piggyback” on the established  #MetisMorningRiverRun

Life is short – work somewhere awesome!

Yes, we are the somewhere awesome!
Don’t miss your chance to join our team and become a Private Client Manager for Metis Ireland

Metis Ireland End of Quarter Team Building

Last Friday we at Metis Ireland had our, by this time well-known, End of Quarter Team Building Event.

Our day started with a photoshoot directed by lovely the Shauna from Morning Star Photography, we heard some of us are even thinking of career change?!

Luck and pluck can’t beat focus on evidence in long run

This month we were delighted to be asked to write a piece for The Sunday Times, looking at the value of evidence-based investing and how it compares to a traditional, active approach.

Day at the Races – Clonmel

On Thursday 3rd of October, Metis Ireland organised a ‘Day at the Races’ in Clonmel.

We started our day by gathering at the Donoughmore Club where we watched the Ireland v Russia match with plenty of coffee, tea and pastries that lovely Eileen freshly made for us that morning. Once the match was over, we headed to Clonmel Racecourse where we had a special room reserved (much needed with Hurricane Lorenzo providing us with plenty of rain!) for all our guests to watch the races in comfort.

Ian Cooke’s Financial Analysis Of Budget 2020 on TippFM

Our Ian Cooke joined Fran on TippFM for a debrief of Budget 2020. You can listen to the broadcast here. … Continued

Now that’s how you do a Financial Planning & Investing Conference!

The event opening was more akin to attending a gig. The introductory video was inspiring and really clever

Motorbikes and Investments… what do they have in common?

All you need to do is to ‘’look far ahead’’ for the next corner… and whatever your goals are, we’ll make sure that you can enjoy the ride!

Good Advice

    In today’s climate of free financial advice, bargain fund pricing and automated investment management tools, you may wonder … Continued

Metis Morning River Run – August

Last Friday in August! You must know by now what that means.


Our clients and those who regularly follow our blogs will already know that when it comes to financial planning, we … Continued

Familiarity Bias in Action

So, who remembers our “Familiarity Bias” Blog from April 2019? Not the Argentines it would appear.

Ah Here… a.k.a. closet trackers (about to be) exposed

There appears to be a lot of expressions that are unique to the Irish (or maybe it’s the same with every race and I am suffering from Familiarity Bias).

Thank You To You All

Last week at Metis Ireland, we hit a significant milestone. We broke through the €200 million assets under management barrier. This means that we manage over €200 million of investments and pensions on behalf of our clients.

Nobody Knows!

I received an email last week from a fund manager inviting me to join a webinar. We get these types of ‘updates’ all the time, this particular one was called ‘What’s in Store for Markets for The Remainder of 2019’. Now, it could have come from any fund manager, who sent it doesn’t really matter, what matters is that these updates are a waste of time. How so?

The six questions that will find you the right Financial Planner

Since we began our journey at Metis Ireland in early 2014, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort on marketing initiatives to make our brand synonymous with world class financial planning. We’ve engaged outside marketing experts to help us set out exactly what we do for our clients. It’s an ongoing challenge, because the reality is quite different from what most people think we do.

Metis Morning River Run – July

Last Friday in July! You must know by now what that means.