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The legal profession today is one that is always under the spotlight and very client focused. At Metis Ireland we deal with many individual solicitors and their firms. All our solicitor clients tell us the same thing – “We are too busy with being a solicitor to focus on financial planning!”, typically something like a pension decision will entail getting a figure from the accountant, finding a home for the amount involved and investing the money on the last minute of the last day of the tax deadline! I bet this sounds familiar.

As a legal professional think about how much thought and time goes into evaluating a client’s prospects when taking on a case, “Can we help this person?”, “Will we be successful with our case?” and “Will we get paid for the work?”. Now consider how much time you put into planning your own finances and I’ll bet the answer is ZERO or pretty close to it. Do you not think  there should be a purpose to your own life? Of course there should and part of that is to have your own financial, personal and lifestyle goals clear and articulated in our minds.

At Metis Ireland we will plug you out for a little while and investigate what makes you tick. From the information gathered we will formulate your plan, agree the strategies to be implemented and plug you back in to  continue your work. We will monitor and update your plan regularly to ensure it stays on track. This for a busy solicitor is vital.

Client Testimonial

“Metis Ireland has always provided me personally, and our firm Keating Connolly Sellors, with an excellent, professional and efficient financial planning service. I am comfortable knowing that I have the experts working for me and I always gain from my annual update meetings with the financial planning team. I have on several occasions recommended Metis Ireland to colleagues and friends.”

Stephen Keogh

Managing Partner, Keating Connolly Sellors Solicitors


Metis Ireland's unrivalled expertise in Financial Planning offers individuals their own personalised long term Financial Plan. Metis LifePlan will provide a clear financial road map to put you in the best possible position to achieve your lifestyle goals.

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