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There’s more to life than work. Your team will agree on that one. As an employer, it’s not always easy to switch off, but you should. Oh then what to do! If you create spare time, then you should use it, recharge the batteries and, whilst in the process, do something both useful and enjoyable. For me, it has to be fundraising or charity work (still the link with money I hear you say!) but money for something and someone that truly needs it. There is no greater feeling, in my estimation, than helping others. Cynics will say it’s self-gratification to build already big egos even bigger, well I disagree. The amount of people on the ground every day doing their ‘bit’ for others less well-off is truly amazing. And most are ‘ordinary Joe’s’ with no agenda other than helping wherever and whenever they can. I am proud to say I am one of those!


Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have got involved with others to put something together or to help in a prearranged event with the goal to raise a few quid for a nominated charity. This takes a lot of your own time and, when you are balancing between family, work and whoever else wants to pull out of you, it’s not always easy to achieve. Take it from a man of experience, however, it is always and I mean ALWAYS worth it (and, no, I don’t have a halo hovering anywhere nearby!). There is a touch of satisfaction attached to reaching the end of a project you have taken on and getting the end result you desired from the outset. There is massive satisfaction involved in seeing the gratitude of the recipient of your work and it is this which draws me in year after year.


Personally I enjoy running, not competitively, but for sanity and enjoyment. And, if I can tie that interest into also doing something positive for others, then sure it has to be all good! I am off for the 8th year in a row to Inis Mór in April to support Temple Street Children’s Hospital. I have met and will meet again some incredible people who dedicate their lives to help sick children and their families. I will also meet incredibly grateful parents who come over to the island to show their respect and appreciation for the people who helped them during bad times. The mutual respect in the air is palpable and I have been drawn back each year to be a part of an incredible weekend and I am so grateful to have discovered something truly special. Don’t get me wrong, we eat, drink and get merry but we celebrate life in a fashion that is hard to describe. I call these people ‘my other family’ and I hold them all in high esteem. I am also eternally grateful to those who support me financially upon request each year for this event, without hesitation, during good and bad times. You have done it continuously and again this time round. I remain sincerely grateful on behalf of Temple Street.


That is just one example of what anyone can experience and be part of, and lots of you are. It’s not unique to me. If you are not already involved, however, I urge you to get involved now rather than later. You will benefit and you will ensure others benefit too.


We can create highs and lows for ourselves naturally. Our behaviour each day can often dictate how our day or week will turn out. We need to take time out and channel our energy into doing something with a positive spin, something selfless, the result will be a high you cannot achieve with any potion. I urge you to go do it.


That’s what I do when I’m not a financial adviser.


Karl Daly



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