As a client manager, Stephen’s role is all about getting to know and understand the people we work with – where they are now and where they want to be in future. He’s responsible for meeting new and existing clients, building and taking care of relationships and also helping to further develop the company in Dublin.


Outside work
Stephen’s home life centres around his wife and three children, but he’s also keen on travel as well as a bunch of energetic sporting activities including hiking and running. He also has a cicada-like compulsion to emerge once a decade to engage in extreme sports. These have included skydiving and abseiling a 10-story building, so essentially he’s into covering long distances and rapidly decreasing his altitude.


What’s so great about Metis Ireland?
Stephen spends his time working with clients, so the key attraction of Metis Ireland is the fact that we’re client-focused in everything we do. We make sure our goals and values are in line with what clients want, so they’re always at the centre.