Marta is a financial planner through and through, which means her days are spent helping clients to arrange their ideas and ambitions into a proper, manageable plan, now and for the future. Marta gets down to the nuts and bolts of what clients want to achieve before agreeing a strategy and then setting out ongoing reviews.


Outside work
Marta shares her home life with her husband and daughter and spends her free time going from one extreme to the other. While she loves design and creative activities, working in oils, crochet and stained glass, she’s also into mountaineering, motorcycling and ice-skating. If you’ve ever wondered what type of person would take part in that weird ‘extreme ironing’ fad, Marta is the type of person.


What’s so great about Metis Ireland?
Marta’s able to put this in a single sentence – ‘the team really wants to make a positive difference to people’s lives’.