Before his role as a consultant, as co-founder and director Karl has been responsible for the development of the business and the brand. The most important part of that is the unique process we’ve developed for our clients, which we’ll be taking with us into the future to get the word out nationally.


Outside work
At home, Karl has a full house with his wife Mary, two sons Eimhin and Mark and Ozzie the Jack Russell. He’s also a keen runner, although the two situations are not related and the running is purely a recreational activity. He’s also keen on football, although it’s marred slightly by being a QPR supporter. Karl likes to use his running prowess and his musical ability for charity events – generally, people sponsor him to do the first for as long as possible and to refrain from doing the second for equally lengthy periods.


What’s so great about Metis Ireland?
The great thing about Metis Ireland is that we’ve always pushed boundaries in what’s possible and we continue to do so. The firm is truly client focused, our brand, our ethos and what we do every day is based on the best outcome for our clients at all times.