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We’ve one week to go to our inaugural investment conference. What started out as just an idea back in February or March has evolved fully and now we are less than a week from the off.

We’ve been blown away by the interest that people have shown in the event. We thought 150 attendees would be a great result and 100 was our minimum. As I write, we have just short of 300 people confirmed! (As an aside, I promise to RSVP promptly to all invites in future – regardless of whether it’s a Yes or No).

Obviously Karl Daly, myself and the rest of the team at Metis Ireland would like to think that all 300 have signed up to hear from us. The reality of course is that Joe Schmidt has been a huge attraction and we are very lucky that Joe has agreed to speak at our event. We are also delighted to have Gary Connolly from iCubed speak at the event and having heard Gary speak before, I know that his section will be interesting and entertaining.

We’ll be sending reminder emails next week and we are asking people to get to the Strand for 5.45pm next Thursday for the drinks reception. Because we’ve an awful lot to get through on the evening, we will be sticking rigidly to times so try and arrive on time!

Now, while you forget about the event until next week, we’ll get back to talking to:

  • The sound engineers
  • The printers
  • The marketing people
  • The proof readers (that’s us!)
  • The pack puller togethers (that’s us)
  • The Strand Hotel
  • The Keynote Speakers
  • The “Surprise”
  • Doing the presentations (yikes!)

Now imagine if I got the flu ………………………….. Who’s idea was this anyway!