The Difference Between a Forecast, a Wish, and a Worry

Guest blog by David Booth, Executive Chairman and Founder of Dimensional   When I was growing up, our local newspaper, … Continued

Loves the Stock Market, Hates Stocks | The Basic Principles of Investing

by Cian Callaghan   You’ve been hearing me harp on about the stock market for a few blogs now. In … Continued

What makes a great bucket list?

“A bucket list? Why do I need a list of my buckets?”   If you haven’t come across the term … Continued

Key things to remember when moving your KBC and Ulster Bank accounts

KBC and Ulster Bank customers will be well aware that both banks are leaving the Irish market imminently. This has … Continued

Introducing ‘Future You’: empowering executives to build a successful life plan

Metis Ireland is delighted to introduce our very first lifestyle planning event for business owners and executives. Whether you’re thinking … Continued

Why ‘green’ isn’t always what it seems with investments | The Basic Principles of Investing

by Cian Callaghan   Take any financial website, brochure or ad these days, and it’s likely that at some point … Continued

5 Things to Do to Improve Your Financial Wellbeing in Your 20s

A debut blog from 20-something year-old, Eoin O’Brien   For many young adults in their 20s, balancing finances and a … Continued

Can you time the stock market and do you even need to try? | The Basic Principles of Investing

by Cian Callaghan   Okay, so since last week’s blog the markets have been going one way and one way … Continued

Do markets always go up in the long term?

by Cian Callaghan   “Anybody can invest!” Right? Err, kind of. Yes, in theory any ol’ joe can be an … Continued

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