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This corporate logo is inspired by the name ‘Metis Ireland’. In Greek Mythology, Metis is the Goddess of good counsel, planning, cunning and wisdom.


Metis Ireland sells itself as an extremely knowledgeable and experienced firm and the illustration /Symbol of Metis reinforces this claim.  The silhouette appears powerful, dignified and majestic.  The font used is an old style serif font with elegant, sweeping curves and was influenced by the style of carved letters produced by the Romans.  Its clarity and beauty come across well in modern printed material.


The simple, open illustration of Metis, the bold typeface, and straightforward mission statement reconfirms trust and help lend an air of transparency to the business.


The colours used also help convey messages and meaning associated with Metis Ireland. Blue signifies confidence, calm and professionalism.  It creates a sense of security while showing loyalty. Red has the power of attraction and evokes feelings of passion and strength. White represents goodwill and purity.


The two colours also represent the two companies Karl Daly Pension & Investment and Widger Financial Planning who merged together to form Metis Ireland.