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You might have noticed that we recently changed to Metis Ireland. After two and a half years of business, we decided to take stock and see where we’ve come since we started. We did a short review with some of our clients, asked some very important questions and the feedback was very interesting.


What we found out was the vast majority of our clients refer to us as ‘Metis’ and the word ‘Life’ really wasn’t relevant to them. They also described us to others as an Irish owned company and they used the term ‘financial planning’ as opposed to ‘financial advice’.


With all of this in mind, we believe that it is important for us to listen to what our customers are telling us. We’ve decided to change our name to Metis Ireland which illustrates our Irish roots, that we are an Irish owned company and that we are very proud of that fact.


Lastly, we dropped the word ‘advice’ from our core message and changed it to ‘planning’ because we are much more than advisors.


We look forward to continuing to provide excellent counsel, planning and wisdom in our new offices under our new name.


Carl Widger and Karl Daly
Founders and Directors



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