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The markets are at it again. The huge Bull Run has stalled for now. Investors have done very well over the last 18 months but there has been a correction in the last few weeks. Markets are unsettled because the world is unsettled due to uncertainties regarding the likes of Ukraine, Russia, Ebola, the end of quantitative easing (printing money)in the US but commencing in Europe, mixed  earnings data, interest rate uncertainty, deflation and the list is goes on.


This stuff is outside our control but investors should continue to invest. The latest budget has done nothing to help investors and the market jitters will stall things for a while but if you have a plan and a diversified portfolio you will see this out. Do not rush in/out of one asset class because it had a bad/good time, invest across the range as this will give you a robust approach when things are both good and bad. Timing the market is mission impossible, at Metis Ireland we always say it is time and not timing that counts. This means that the longer term view you have to your investments the greater chance you have for success.


You should construct a portfolio of quality assets with a long term view in mind AND STICK WITH IT!!! This approach should be your bedrock and discipline to stay with your choice is king. Get good advice from the beginning, implement your plan and stay with it through the good and bad, this is what will bring success.


By Karl Daly

Metis Ireland Director