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My name is Daniel Nagle and I am Metis Ireland’s first graduate employee as of November 2016. I would like to take a second to emphasize a point in relation to the Metis Ireland slogan “Honest Experienced Financial Planning”. I certainly do lack the vast experience of my colleagues here at Metis Ireland however with their help I wish to offer a very simple and hopefully insightful piece on the “Zurich Life Save Plan” and why there’s a great opportunity to seize the moment and start planning for the future, hand in hand with Metis Ireland and Zurich Life.


What is the Zurich life save plan?

The Zurich life save plan is a unit linked savings plan which allows you to invest your savings in a risk rated fund which is tailored for you. The plan allows for a means of saving for near future events which may well play a major role in your life plan such as house deposit etc. The plan has no exit penalties so your savings will remain highly liquid should you need to access some cash.


Why it may suit you?

A common consensus I presume among you will be “Why are they trying to sell this plan to me?”

My answer is based on 3 very good reasons:


  1. The life save plan is formidably flexible compared to other saving plans in the market today. It allows for a structured and tailored approach to saving with aims and goals for the funds related specifically to you the individual. This provides peace of mind in a sense, knowing the fund is working for you but is tailored for your attitude to risk.


  1. The major appeal in my opinion is that the savings you place into the fund are invested in risk measured funds. What I mean by that is all savings are invested in funds in hope of returning growth when the time arises to withdraw. Here at Metis Ireland we will get you to carry out a risk questionnaire of 15 questions to segregate you into a risk willingness category. In addition to this we will use our financial experience to direct you to the most suitable fund that is correlated with your risk profile but also your aims for your savings.


  1. To be quite frank, the major short term or current appeal over the other saving plan options on the market at the moment is the fact that Zurich are offering the €100 bonus deposit atop your own premium deposits. This, in accordance with the previously stated T&Cs (which in my relatively young and inexperienced eyes are pretty straight forward, and offer a fair and straight forward package to the new customer), offers a very competitive package and in my opinion a great opportunity to start saving both efficiently and most importantly smartly for the future.


What Next?

If you feel this savings plan may be of interest to you or if you have any queries in relation to the plan, please do not hesitate to contact us on 061 518365.

Daniel Nagle


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