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– Sport and Entertainment –

In the world of Sport and Entertainment the perception from the outside is that this is a world of glamour and you live the “good life” every day. You know that at times it is, but we understand the pressures that exist and that you are exposed to every day.

Consider getting sick or injured, if that happens you will not be on the pitch or on-stage meaning you may not get paid or could incur penalties until you return.

Another huge factor is the length of time involved to make a career and earn enough money to sustain and live a good life into the future, well beyond the time your career has petered out. Sports People and Entertainers can have a much shorter working career than the mainstream public and this is a massive consideration to be evaluated when setting financial targets and goals.

At Metis Ireland we understand this and pay specific attention to the relevant issues when formulating financial plans for those of you in this sector. Revisiting the plan regularly is key to ensuring you are on track always and that our firm has a clear picture as to how the structures should sit. You are artists and you thrive on freedom, our financial plan strives to give you that. Work with us and set your plan in motion then go and continue to delight your audiences.

Client Testimonial

“My wife and I have been dealing with the team in Metis Ireland regarding our financial planning. We find that the service is responsive and flexible which is what we require from our advisers. We initially discussed our requirements and a plan was put in place to target the goals we set. This plan is then revisited regularly and the flow of information we receive is very informative which in turn provides great comfort. We would not hesitate in recommending the services of Metis Ireland.”

Fergal Lawler

The Cranberries


Metis Ireland's unrivalled expertise in Financial Planning offers individuals their own personalised long term Financial Plan. Metis LifePlan will provide a clear financial road map to put you in the best possible position to achieve your lifestyle goals.

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