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You work too hard on the farm to waste time listening to sales pitches from advisers with a vested interest. The reality is that banks and many large firms are either tied to one company or have a vested interest in placing your business with one company.

No one firm is the best – or most cost effective – at everything so you need to get an impartial view. Metis Ireland can provide this for you. The farming team is led by Ian Cooke who has dealt with hundreds of farmers over the years and understands you want a direct, no nonsense approach.

Benefits for you of dealing with Metis Ireland will include:

  • Honest experienced Financial Planning.
  • Tax and cost efficient options.
  • Thorough Review of your Situation.
  • Succession Planning on your farm.

Case Study

M & P S. in Co. Kilkenny were fortunate in their timing and sold land in 2006. Following the sale of this land, M & P invested in a range of Managed Funds. Some of the funds did reasonably but others were well below initial investment level. Following a review with their previous adviser in 2012, they were advised to switch from one company to another. They asked Ian Cooke of Metis Ireland for a second opinion.

They were fortunate that they did. While they were dissatisfied with the original company, switching companies would have exposed them to exit tax of 41% on any growth from that point. Remaining with the original company meant tax-free growth.


  • Remained with original Company but switched to a more suitable investment option.
  • Tax-saving on growth from 2012 to end 2016 was over €30,000.
  • No new business – or commission – for Metis Ireland but a very satisfied customer.

Client Testimonial

“Metis Ireland play the long game and certainly put our best interests first. We still cannot believe the amount of money it would have cost us if we switched companies in 2012. We strongly recommend Metis Ireland for a review of your financial situation”

Mary S.



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