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– Company Executives/Senior Managers –

We work with he executives and senior managers of larger companies to ensure that each individual has a Metis LifePlan tailored to their own personal circumstances. We create a plan for the family of the busy executive that is Lifestyle and Goal orientated.

At Metis Ireland, we are very aware of clients that are at the frontline or the cutting edge of business. When you are at the helm responsibility is key and success of the business lies very much in your lap.

We are also very aware that your own success lies in being prudent and innovative with the monies you earn but often the time you have to allocate to yourself is scarce.

At Metis Ireland we believe that everyone needs to have short, medium and long term goals which need to be articulated from both a financial and lifestyle/personal perspective. This approach has proven to be very successful but finding the time and, most importantly, the right people to put this plan in place can be difficult.

Our strength is to efficiently extract the information we need to structure a financial plan for you and your family that will be efficient and flexible to ensure optimum use of the monies you make. This in turn will provide peace of mind and allow you focus on the job in hand. We take the burden away but supply a solution that will give you confidence.

Metis Ireland Company Executives Senior Managers


Metis Ireland's unrivalled expertise in Financial Planning offers individuals their own personalised long term Financial Plan. Metis LifePlan will provide a clear financial road map to put you in the best possible position to achieve your lifestyle goals.

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