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The fast-moving pace of the Aviation sector often leaves little time for Financial Planning. At Metis Ireland, we have come across many individuals in this sector who have excellent income streams but little time to manage their personal financial affairs appropriately.

The Metis Ireland LifePlan solves this problem. By establishing a long term and tax efficient financial plan using the latest software, Metis Ireland has already helped many Aviation professionals to finally get a clear picture of their financial life and help establish clear financial goals.

Diversification, tax efficiency and value for money are synonymous with the financial plans we have prepared for those in the Aviation Sector.

Case Study

A came to Metis Ireland with an excellent income and bonus structure but no specific financial plan. On reviewing his arrangements, we found that A’s idea of diversification was to invest in several high-risk investments. When we did the Metis Ireland LifePlan for A and his family we established that he was taking lots of unnecessary investment risk. We arranged a fully diversified low risk investment strategy under one contract. This avoided high risk strategies and as A himself said:

Client Testimonial

“It allows me to play sports in the little time I have outside of work! It is the first time I have ever seen in a financial plan that I have enough money to see out my days and to comfortably look after my family. This has taken a weight off my shoulders and I can honestly say that I can sleep better at night knowing that Metis Ireland are looking after my financial affairs. The financial plan we now have also keeps me from making investment mistakes.” A




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