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Over the last 28 days, two very good friends of mine have passed away. Both were in their early 50s and both left behind families who are devastated.


I’ve asked myself over these past few weeks …………. What’s it all about?


So what is it all about? It’s a question I have seldom (if ever) asked myself. Have you asked yourself this question? I have always been so sure as to what I want to do and where I want to go, that mostly blind determination got me there. In fact those close to me professionally and personally would most likely say that this is probably my main character strength and my main character weakness – if that makes sense?


When my first buddy passed away, we were lucky enough to get down to Kerry after the funeral for a few days in glorious weather. The question “what is it all about” kept me awake at night in Kerry. On returning from Kerry, work was hectic and the question faded slightly into my subconscious.


Two weeks ago, I was hit with the news that another close friend had died. The question came to the fore again and I have thought about it long and hard since.


So here’s my take on it …………


There are two answers for me and they can broadly be categorised into Personal & Professional. The “Personal” answers won’t be answered here or ever in a public forum! Suffice to say that I have 8 year old triplets who are making their first holy communion on the 9th May and together with my wife Yvonne and their little sister Emma, we will be having a great celebration for Chloe, Rachel & Robbie.


Professionally speaking, it’s an interesting question to ask. I guess most people will think it’s all about money. When I really drill down though, it’s actually not. It’s much more to do with building a successful business that people will respect and that our clients like being associated with. Metis Ireland will never be everyone’s cup of tea, but if we can gain the respect of most people then I think our job is done.


Integrity is key also. I can hand on heart always say that we act in our clients best interest and I think if we keep that at the core of everything we do, then Metis Ireland will be successful into the future. We negotiate hard with all of the Pension & Investment companies we deal with on behalf of our clients and I think it’s safe to say that they will all confirm this. Only this week, one provider said that myself and Karl Daly do an excellent “good cop/bad cop” routine – I’ll let you decide who’s who!


For the last few years, almost all investment funds have increased in value if you are taking some risk. It’s nice to get the feedback when things are going well and it will be equally important to be there for our clients when markets take a dip.


But most importantly we must be there for our clients in the long term and to ensure that financial plans are put in place to cater for every eventuality. It is when events of the last few weeks occur you realise that having that critical illness policy and life policy in place is actually a vital part of the plan. I have all of this cover in place myself and I plan on showing this schedule to all of my clients from now on.


So from a professional point of view, my answers to “what it’s all about?” broadly fall into:
1) Building a Successful Business that people Respect
2) Ensuring Integrity is at the Core of everything we do
3) Creating Long Term Financial Plans
4) Ensuring Families are protected in the event of “Armageddon”


You’ll be glad to hear that you will probably never get a blog like this from me again!


RIP Pat & Mike


Carl Widger
Co-Founder & Director of Metis Ireland